April 2019

Monorepo changes



  • Schema changes - Made Avatar field visible
  • Remove unnecessary fieldindex props
  • Set AllowedTypes on the DemoFile type's RelateDocs field
  • Implemented custom Odata actions in the Share dialog
  • Added Groups edit metadata
  • Added Groups list
  • Added User edit metadata
  • Fixed workspace selector favorites


  • Implemented custom control for the user's Avatar field
  • Set ReferenceGrid as default control for reference field
  • Fixed tagsinput's repository prop


  • Added ReferenceGrid stories and notes
  • Added Avatar control docs


  • Change FieldIndex to be 0 when it is undefined in fieldsetting sort


  • added getAllowedChildTypes, getImplicitAllowedChildTypes and getExplicitAllowedChildTypes
  • fixed error throwing on empty logout response


  • added deepMerge


  • Initial release