May 2019

Mononorepo changes

  • All packages build now with project references in packages folder (yarn build now runs tsc -b packages)



  • Passing request inits to fetch
  • refactored upload and made it available in the repository object


  • PathHelper's Item Segment detection is improved


  • Class for BooleanFieldSetting is added
  • SelectionRoots prop to NullFieldSetting is added because Avatar is a NullFieldSetting by default in the schema


  • onUpload change event improvements


  • Boolean fieldcontrol is added
  • ShortText and Password fields' new view is fixed
  • redux related things (logic, dependencies, etc) are completely removed from the package
  • Forminput hint text style improvements


  • Use OData options instead of load functions
  • Loading logic is now moved out of the component
  • Subscribe to repository events to update the list


  • Comments feature in the doc viewer


  • Another viewer examples are added


  • A page for browsing users is added
  • Profile page of a user could now be reached from the user list too
  • User creation and deletion for admins from the ui is added
  • Renaming a content is fixed
  • 'Add to group' and 'delete user' buttons are now active only when at least one user is selected
  • 'Add user' button is now active only when at least one group is selected
  • Mobile drawer menu is fixed


  • Localization
  • Added dirty form checking for Text Editor
  • Moved editor-related state from redux to context, added save & cancel button for text editor
  • Logging and notifications