June 2019

Another 4 weeks went by, here are the changes we made 👇🏻

Monorepo changes

  • Reviewed our dependencies and moved all the packages to root that couldn't be run from the package
    • eg: Typescript could not be run in a package without the monorepo structure because the tsconfig.json extends the config in the root



  • New field controls 🌟
    • Allowed Child Types - choosing type of the content items that can be created on the current level
    • Url List - adding or removing url-s for sites
    • Color Picker - choosing a color value picking it on a palette


  • Full rework of ListPicker component
    • moved logic to a custom hook useListPicker


  • Google authentication fix
  • E2E tests with Cypress


  • New field controls - Allowed Child Types, Url List, Color Picker
  • List Picker example with hook


  • Copy, Move added - You can use F5, F6 to copy or move content in commander view
  • Search, saved queries 🔎
  • Settings
  • Version Info