July 2019



  • you can pass a fileName prop to upload method to overwrite the binary of the content


  • ActionName 'view' changed to browse
  • client control Factory methods are removed
  • control schema changes


  • React control mapper now only maps field settings to controls
  • Controls now uses a field setting to render
  • Prop changes, fixes and tests


  • VersioningMode, InheritableVersioningMode, ApprovingMode, InheritableApprovingMode, SavingState now return an array of enum instead of just an enum
  • TextType is now a string literal instead of an enum
  • new Color, Currency field settings


  • ContentList component has a hideHeader optional property to hide the table head


  • ReferenceField onChange prop will return the selected item


  • Dashboard widgets 📅
    • you can create 3 types of widgets: markdown, query, update
  • Monaco is read-only on mobile now
  • Personal settings upgrade
    • the defaults settings are now hidden
  • Command palette under the hood changes from redux to context api

You can find the release here