September 2019

Another 4 weeks went by, here are the changes we made 👇🏻


  • We've replaced our own breadcrumb implementation with the built-in Material Breadcumbs 🍞
  • Custom permissions for the drawer items 🔒
  • Custom actions will be filtered - you can execute only OData actions from the command palette 🎭
  • The first iteration of the Trash feature has been added 🚮
  • Moved the notification messages from the bottom-right corner to bottom-center 📬
  • Polished the default dashboard content 💅



  • The first release of our custom hook collection that allows us to use our hooks across the packages ⚓


  • added a generic tuple factory method
  • fixed the filterAsync() return type (from T[] to Promise<T[]>)


  • getExplicitAllowedChildTypes() will return the result of the EffectiveAllowedChildTypes custom action


  • Added isODataAction field for the ActionModel


  • Added a custom view for the postponed image generation state - you can trigger an image generation task for postponed documents from the Document Viewer

You can find the release here