December 2019

???? Christmas 2019 ????

In this release our sensenet logo has borrowed ?? Santa's hat to makes people happy.??
We also would like to make you blissful so here are the changes we made ????


  • New dialogs have been created for Contextmenu (Approve/Reject, Versions, Check In/Out, Delete)?? #379
  • The bug of upload the same file right after cancellation has been solved ?? #491
  • Versioninfo item has removed from the drawer ?? #425
  • Schema is now automatically updated on Save ?? #489



  • Content name is 'undefined' in the notification after modification bug has been fixed ?? #450
  • The deafult text color for rich text editor has been changed to black in dark mode cause it was not visible on white background ???? #490
  • Default user avatar from displayname has been created ?? #497
  • Password field's value is now saved when a new user is created ??
  • Tagsinput query has been set with multiple allowed types ¦?
  • Creating a new content with a ContentTemplate is available from now ??


  • Error handling for Upload has been fixed ? #449


  • Error handling for navigation in pickers has been fixed ?? #496


  • Checkbox functions have been fixed ?? #500


  • useWopi hook is refactored to return two functions instead of values.??
    Example usage:
const { isWriteAvailable } = useWopi()
isWriteAvailable(content) && someFunction()

You can find the release here