January 2020

?? Hotfix release 2020.1.1

In this release there are couple of api changes. We needed to refactor those code because the logic inside failed when function names were minified.


  • getSchema method from SchemaStore is removed. Use the getSchemaByName method instead. Be aware that this is case sensitive so "genericcontent" won't be equal to "GenericContent"
  • isContentFromType takes a contentTypeName(string) as a second parameter now instead of an T type. To get proper typing support use the generic type like this isContentFromType<Setting>(content, 'Setting')


  • Trace - you have to provide a unique name in the trace options now. There is a new options called methodName.


  • setupFieldSettingDefault method now takes a string as first parameter instead of function. To get full typing support use it like this
controlMapper.setupFieldSettingDefault<ChoiceFieldSetting>('ChoiceFieldSetting', setting => {})

Be aware that this is case sensitive so choicefieldsetting won't be equal to ChoiceFieldSetting

???? Happy New Year 2020

We're kicking of the new year with some bug fixes and performance improvements for the Admin-ui.


  • We moved the add button from the bottom right to the left side menu #520
  • Clicking the add button now opens a drop down instead of the bottom drawer #528

Add button and the new dropdown{:width="50%"}

  • The profile settings and logout moved to the header #526
  • You can now change the theme from the new profile menu. Also we changed the default theme to light ?? #525

User menu and the themeswitcher{:width="100%"}

  • We now bundle production code this is now means a decrease in the bundle size ?? #532



  • There is a barrel file in every folder now so you can import RepositoryConfiguration like this
import { RepositoryConfiguration } from '@sensenet/client-core'

instead of this

import { RepositoryConfiguration } from '@sensenet/client-core/dist/Repository/RepositoryConfiguration'


  • There is a new BrowserConsoleLogger that formats the messages in a way that all modern browsers understand

You can find the release here