January 2020

🔥 Hotfix release 2020.1.1

In this release there are couple of api changes. We needed to refactor those code because the logic inside failed when function names were minified.


  • getSchema method from SchemaStore is removed. Use the getSchemaByName method instead. Be aware that this is case sensitive so "genericcontent" won't be equal to "GenericContent"
  • isContentFromType takes a contentTypeName(string) as a second parameter now instead of an T type. To get proper typing support use the generic type like this isContentFromType<Setting>(content, 'Setting')


  • Trace - you have to provide a unique name in the trace options now. There is a new options called methodName.


  • setupFieldSettingDefault method now takes a string as first parameter instead of function. To get full typing support use it like this
controlMapper.setupFieldSettingDefault<ChoiceFieldSetting>('ChoiceFieldSetting', setting => {})

Be aware that this is case sensitive so choicefieldsetting won't be equal to ChoiceFieldSetting

🎆🥂 Happy New Year 2020

We're kicking of the new year with some bug fixes and performance improvements for the Admin-ui.


  • We moved the add button from the bottom right to the left side menu #520
  • Clicking the add button now opens a drop down instead of the bottom drawer #528

Add button and the new dropdown{:width="50%"}

  • The profile settings and logout moved to the header #526
  • You can now change the theme from the new profile menu. Also we changed the default theme to light 🤍 #525

User menu and the themeswitcher{:width="100%"}

  • We now bundle production code this is now means a decrease in the bundle size 📉 #532



  • There is a barrel file in every folder now so you can import RepositoryConfiguration like this
import { RepositoryConfiguration } from '@sensenet/client-core'

instead of this

import { RepositoryConfiguration } from '@sensenet/client-core/dist/Repository/RepositoryConfiguration'


  • There is a new BrowserConsoleLogger that formats the messages in a way that all modern browsers understand

You can find the release here