March 2020

Probably one of the biggest sensenet updates of all time 💯

The last 4 weeks have been quite productive for the product development team's front-end division. We've managed to finish some long-term tasks taking huge steps towards providing future SNaaS customers a stable, performant and usable environment and a constantly evolving client library.


  • share method is added to the repository. It can be used like in the following example:
  content //the content to be shared,
  identity //user or email address to share with
  sharingLevel // sharing level, Open or Edit
  sharingMode: // sharing mode, Private, Authenticated or Public
  • count method is also added to get only the count of children in a collection:
repository.count({ path: '/Root/Content' })


  • FIX: tagsinput fix in browse view.


  • HandlerName is now added to types in default schema.


  • Material-ui default Table component here is now change to VirtualizedTable making it more performant.


Some new actions are added related to the sharing feature:

  • getSharingEntries: returns sharing entries of a content,

  • share: redux actions for calling the above mentioned repository.share method,

  • removesharing: action for removing a sharing entry (unshare) from a content,

  • A new built-in reducer named sharing is added to contain sharing related things.

  • getSchema action is now returning the whole actual schema and its old functionality is moved to a new action named getSchemaByTypeName


  • The whole admin-ui has undergone a global style refactor, generalization and theme pimp up. 🎉🎉
  • Based on the feedbacks that we are getting continuously we've made some desing changes in both dark and light themes to make the ui cleaner and more usable. 💅

Admin-ui design update

  • Upload is only seen and possible to choose from 'Add new' dropdown if there's possible to add Files (actually content types using the file handler and able to be uploaded).
  • The tree refactored, the basic material-ui Tree component is changed to VirtualizedTree that makes browsing the tree more seemless and it has also reduced the amount of downloaded data. 🎉🎉

DMS demo@2.0.0

  • DMS demo is now a simple example like the other ones (todo app, image gallery, etc), so it is moved to another url and also lost some of its funcionalities which were not really document management related.
  • The repository behind the dms demo is also changed to dev.demo.sensenet.com to unify the current example apps working with the same backend.
  • User management features (adding, removing users, group and role management) are removed from the DMS demo, along google authentication and the workspace favoriting and following features.
  • But the share functionality is now usable including the shared with me page listing the content shared with the current user.
  • Saved search functionality is fixed. 🔍
  • Trash page is added. 🚮

You can find the release here