June 2020

Summertime, and the livin' is easy 😎☀️

The weather is getting warmer but hard work never stops. We are still working on making our product better and better. In the last 4 weeks we were working on performance optimization, layout standardization and revamp our example apps to be compatible with the new authentication. So here are the changes what we made:


  • We tried to reduce the numbers of requests, unnecessary ones have been removed and at the end we were able to halve the numbers ⭐#672

  • The command palette has changed a lot. Its new goal is to be a 'global search field' where you can search in all of the contents in the current repository easily. With the new solution it is faster 🚀 and smoother 💨 than ever before. Of course the main features of the old version are still working, like: using content queries, custom actions and help functions. #685


  • Layout standardization #669: Cause the visibility of the tree and the breadcrumb was a little bit confusing we wanted to unify them. In the Users and groups menu, if the "root" has not only users and children, but also container contents like folders, you can use the same tree for navigating as in the Content menu, a otherwise the tree does not appear.


  • On the edit/browse form the icon in the title is now a link to the related CTD


@sensenet/redux@5.5.0 🆕

  • New method is available on stores created by createSensenetStore function: reloadRepository With this function you can change the current repository in store runtime. It would be useful after authentication 🛂, if you need a new repository instance. #686

@sensenet/redux-promise-middleware@2.2.0 🆕

  • New method has been created in the middleware as well: reset. We needed it cause of the change in @sensenet/redux package ☝️

Dear contributors!

We have a new ESLint rule for ordering imports #684 The order:

  • @sensenet/... packages
  • @material-ui/... packages
  • any other packages

You can find the release here