August 2020


  • Action handling interfaces have been reworked. Url contains the currently active action. For example when editing a content in the content explorer, the url will be someting like this: https://admin.sensenet.com/content/explorer/edit?content=%2FIT
    Around the editing form the breadcrumb and the tree are also visible. #729


  • Background color of monaco editor in dark mode has changed to match the color scheme of the other parts. #736

  • Users and groups interface has been reworked and expanded. Group and user entities are separated now. Columns in the table view also changed to show user and role specific, more informative data. You can easily activate or deactive a user in the list with a switcher. Groups of the user are also enumarated. By clicking a group name you can reach the list of the members. The dialog allows to add new members to or remove from the group too. This dialog is also available in the group view by clicking on the number of members in a row. #738 #742


  • The execute action dialog (accessable from command palette) had 3 scrollbars, which made the usage of the function hard. We simplified it, and only one scrollbar remained. #763

  • This dialog had another problem: When the dialog opened the site always navigated to the dashboard. It was an unwanted side effect, so we removed it. Now the app stays at the previous surface in the background. #762

  • On page load at the content explorer views the tree opens down to the currently set path in the url. The tree always follows the navigations in the breadcrumb or in the content list. #761

  • We have started to write end-to-end tests to improve the quality of our product and ensure that it will have less hidden bugs in the future. The foundations to run these tests on GitHub are ready and we also created a helper function to login programmatically to the Admin UI. #739


  • New logger added to the package: Notification logger.
    It shows notifications in a Material UI snackbar for the user. Allowed log level is configurable to control which log messages to show as a notification. #748