October 2020

First release of the SNaaS era 😱😱

As you probably already know we've started SNaaS (sensenet as a service) as beta in October so this will be our first release that will affect not only our test environments but also a several public repositories owned by you. Exciting, isn't it? :) We put together a few fixes, some refactored components and we got some e2e tests made by awesome hacktoberfest contributors. Here are the changes what we made:


  • To make it easier for you to ask us for help right away or give feedback directly on the admin-ui, we’ve built a new help menu #999

Help section

  • Users and groups cannot be moved to the trash so we updated the delete confirmation window with the info and made the move to the trash option hidden in this cases #1017

  • Permission editor title is fixed to handle longer content names #990

  • We rethinked the notification feature a bit and made some style and usability changes #975


  • We've implemented a deep type check to replace the simple type name check #1026

  • Many refreshing issues are fixed with a major tree rework #1003

  • We've cleaned up the project to get a rid of warnings and errors that showed up during unit testing #841

  • Edit and new forms' first field gets the focus (check the list of affected fields in the related pr) [#977] (https://github.com/SenseNet/sn-client/issues/977)

  • Group membership buttons were a bit messed up on smaller screens, so we changed them to only one button. List of groups could be reached with clicking the button as before #982

Role button

  • Unexpected theme changes on refreshing the browser are fixed #1004

  • Command palette text editor's cache is fixed #1007

  • Checkbox group control saving issues are fixed #972

  • Random break issues in rich text editor are now fixed #985

  • Default value in DateTime fieldcontrols is now handled correctly #991


  • Refreshing issues are fixed #1003


  • Deep type check is added to the core layer to replace the simple type name checks #1026


  • Notification, error handling and logging updates #841
  • BREAK in notification service


  • Deep type check is added to some of the fieldcontrols to replace the simple type name checks #1026
  • BREAK in ReferenceGrid, Currency controls and templated values, plus optional autoFocus property


  • Deep type check #1026
  • BREAK isUser is removed from type-guards


  • Notification, error handling and logging updates #841


  • Refreshing issues are fixed #1003
  • BREAK at batch operations


  • Notification, error handling and logging updates #841

At last but not least thank you for our Hacktoberfest contributors @daniel-shuy, @pietervanh, @RanadeepPolavarapu, @mitcom, @shinnlok, @dlemstra, @NileshPatel17 for the awesome new e2e tests for the admin-ui. If you're interested in helping us and want to own a special Hacktoberfest swag 🧦 check our dedicated site.

You can find the release here