November 2020

Bye-bye Hacktoberfest 👋

Hacktoberfest 2020 is over, thanks for all the contributors. Limited edition super socks will arrive soon ✈️. We really enjoyed the last few weeks, the joint work went smoothly. Other than that a refactoring period was maintained by us. Two main package was touched, but in this release only one is published: @sensenet/controls-react. @sensenet/document-viewer-react will change soon with even more stable operation. ⌚ We also fixed bugs as usual, bugfixing never ends. 🐛

Here are the changes what we made:


  • We have new cypress end-to-end tests. Thank you again for the contributors! ✨

  • There were some components which did not follow the font-size-change of google chrome. Now this is fixed, you can use sensenet with large or extra large font-sizes as well. 👓 #1075

  • Some error messages were not handled correctly on group membership dialog, now it is fixed. 💬 #1080

  • A notification problem was also noticed during query writing which has been resolved. ⚠️ #1081

  • You can use now reference fields in your custom menuitems. ⏬ #1021

How can you try?

  1. Add a new AllowedChildTypes item to Sample Workspace (SmartFolder)
  2. Create a New SmartFolder under Sample Workspace with the following options: (query: +TypeIs:'Task' +Status:'Active')


  1. Go to /personal-settings and copy this to the text area:
   "theme": "dark",
   "default": {
      "drawer": {
         "items": [
               "itemType": "CustomContent",
               "settings": {
                  "icon": "AddAlert",
                  "title": "ActiveTask",
                  "appPath": "activeTask",
                  "root": "/Root/Content/SampleWorkspace/ActiveTask",
                  "columns": [
                  "description": "List of accounts that should be notified"

In this example I modified the related Task with businesscat, I set the Manager of businessscat to devdog (whose manager is editormanatee)

The result:



  • New function is added to SchemaStore #2021
   * Returns the Field Type for the provided content field name
   * @param {string} fieldName The name of field you search for
  public getFieldTypeByName(fieldName: string): string | undefined {
    const schemasCopy = [...this.schemas.getValue()]
    return schemasCopy.reduce((_, schema: Schema) => {
      const fieldType = schema.FieldSettings.find((fieldSetting: FieldSetting) => fieldSetting.Name === fieldName)?.Type
      if (fieldType) {
        schemasCopy.length = 0
      return fieldType
    }, undefined)


  • New optional prop is added to virtualized-table:
* Contains custom reference cell template components
referenceCellRenderer?: (tableCellProps: TableCellProps) => React.ReactNode


isCurrencyFieldSetting typeGuard is moved from sn-controls-react to default-content-types


Last, but not least this package has been reshaped, now it is much better than it was. ☀️👌🌟

You can find the release here