January 2021

First update of 2021

Right at the beginning of the year we will bring you big changes on the admin-ui. 🚀 Two rethought and refactored major component and the last big missing pieces of user management features are added this time. Let's see what we did!


Users can change now their passwords on the admin ui. #1113

Change password


The document viewer has undergone major changes again #1101: we've reduced the number of requests sent by the viewer, made some styling updates and fixed zooming in the first place. But the biggest change is that the old editing functions (adding redaction, highlights and annotations) are brought back to the viewer. 🎉 There are still some minor known issues, but SNaaS is still in beta, and we wanted to give this features to you as soon as possible, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

Document viewer editing


[BUG] The ContentList component cannot be used with the File type is fixed with overridable type of items in ContentList component. 1139


The content picker component is fully redesigned and refactored. You find contents by using the content tree or by searching with an autocomplete search and you are able now to review and manage the selected items on a separate view. This new picker can now be used when you edit a reference field, copy or move content, or restore content from the trash.