February 2021

Valentine's Day 2021 💖💘

Love Is In The Air 🎵

Everywhere I look around 💏

Love Is In The Air ☁️

Every sight and every sound.. 🎶

Another Valentine's day passed by, and we are here with the news. Check out what we done during these loving days.


We completely renewed the search page. You have now advanced options for searching and filtering the results to make this feature easy to use. 💬 #1180

New options: ⚡

  • filter by type (document, image, event, user, article, workspace, folder, task, memo, group)
  • filter in a specific container
  • filter for the contents what belongs to me (shared with me, assigned to me, etc.)
  • filter by creation or modification date

Note: The advanced search input does not support query syntax, for working with queries use the command palette instead! 🌀

The save query feature did not change, you can still store your search filters. 💾

Advanced search


Default content types has been extended with some types 👽 #1163


We had prepare admin-ui to cases when the identity server is down 😎 #1187


Due to the advanced search feature we also add some changes here 😵 1180

See you in next month! 🙋👋