March 2021

March 2021

In the last month, we worked on two major tasks: settings page with a lot of new features and performance optimization of the admin ui and our packages. The long-awaited webhooks are finally available in sensenet. It opens up a lot of new opportunities for our customers.


We added a new menu item called Settings to the sidebar navigation. ⚙️ Some previously individual menu items had been moved here like Localization, Setup (renamed to Configuration) and Personal settings (renamed to admin-ui customization). #1159

admin-ui customization - Settings

The Settings page also contains some new sub-pages: Stats 📊, Api and security 🔑, Webhooks 🔔. Stats page has a chart which shows the amount of storage space usage and the current utilization of your plan. It has 2 tables containing some technical details of your repository with the required and installed sensenet components. #1162

Stats - Settings

API and Security is very useful if you want to build a new application over sensenet. You can manage your access tokens here which are needed for implementing authentication for your app. A similar page also available on profile.sensenet.com. #1168

API and Security - Settings

The third new feature is Webhooks, from now on you can subscribe to a lot of events in your repository and get notified by sending a request #1172. You can read more about webhooks on the documentation site

Webhooks - Settings

The admin-ui has a lot of features which means a lot of code. It can slow down the loading of our sites and destroy the user experience. To prevent this we tried to minimize the size our JavaScript bundle loaded on the initial page load. We also removed some unused parts from our packages and made some code to load only on-demand. It produced excellent results:

We don't stop here, in the future we will make it even better, but this is a great start. 🚀 #1218, #1211, #1213, #1192

We also made some minor improvements and fixes. #1191, #1188, #1217, #1236


setupFieldSettingForControl function had a special object as type parameter, it has changed to the name of content type (as a string) to make it easier to use with user created custom types.


We replaced Moment.js with date-fns. You can pass the current locale as a parameter to the DatePicker control. We also created a new control to handle digital information units: FileSize.


Backend related fields has removed from the types.


Old sn6 icons are not used anymore, so they are removed from the package.


Parameter of type and typeIs functions has changed to string (name of the content type).