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Business and Enterprise subscribers can report issues on a shared JIRA project. Enterprise customer can also demand a dedicated project with guaranteed support. Contact us for more details.


Since sensenet is an open-source solution the source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to explore it, submit an issue or pull request in the related repository

Frequently asked questions

About sensenet:

What is sensenet in a nutshell?

Basically, sensenet is a content repository with API first approach which can be used as a back-end system for your own solution. The main concept is that these custom solutions are developed separately (like a single page app) communicating with sensenet repo through APIs.

What is a headless CMS?

It is built as a content repository where you can store your contents and reach it through RESTful API. It is reactive: another system requests the content as and when it’s needed. Thanks to its API-first concept it is easy to integrate with and gives more freedom to the developer to choose framework for a project. 

• loosely connected, often interchangeable components

• easy to integrate with

• scalable

• fast and flexible content delivery

• future proof

• few publisher and developer dependencies

• simple deployment

• good for content centric solutions

What problems does sensenet solve?

sensenet could serve as a solid base of any content centric solution with many enterprise-grade features, making the development process much easier. Some of the most important features are permission system, collaboration tools (office online editing, versioning), search, preview and webhooks.

What do people make with sensenet?

sensenet could serve as a solid base of any content centric solution. It can be used to build basically anything, from a public website through document management system to mobile app.

What kind of people can get the most out of sensenet?

Developers and development companies who want to have a solid base to build on. The main concept is that these custom solutions are developed separately (in any language) communicating with sensenet repo through APIs.

Who sensenet is not for?

For people who are looking for an out of the box solution which only needs configuration and not development.

Where is sensenet being hosted?

In SaaS model, sensenet is hosted in our environment (in Hungary) so we take care of all hosting related tasks.

Can I selfhost/ download sensenet?

Apart the SaaS model, you can also install sensenet on-prem in annual licensing model (self-hosting, maintenance and upgrade).

sensenet can be installed from NuGet package and the full source code is available on GitHub.

Do I have access to sensenet backend code?

No, in SNaaS model we restrict access to some part of the solution in order to keep system integrity, resulting flawless upgrade and maintenance processes.

What is a Content item?

In sensenet everything is a content. So, a content item can be user, task, workspace, document, everything (even your grandma).

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Is my data backed up?

Yes, we do daily backups of any SNaaS repo. Retention period varies by subscription plan. For details, please check our Terms of Use. In case of Enterprise plan, your custom conditions are available in the profile page “My documents” section.

If I accidentally delete my data, can it be restored?

All the backups we do are for internal use only to keep your data secure even in case of a system failure. Recovery after an accidental data loss is not covered by the subscription. Each case should be assessed individually. Please contact us in case of such issue. 

Can I backup my data offsite?

Ordinary backup cannot be made by you (repo owner) since you have no access to the server. You can still export your data from the repository.

Pricing and subscription:

Do I need a credit card for the Free Plan?

No. You only need to enter billing and payment info once you want to upgrade to a paid plan. 

When my subscription for the Free Plan ends?

There is no time limit for the free plan, you can use it forever. However, we monitor repo activity and if it does not receive any request for 30 days, we send you a warning letter. In case you remain inactive for 10 more days we are entitled to delete your repository.

What should I do if I need to extend the limits of my Free Plan?

You can upgrade to Business Plan at any time.

What if I need a plan with metrics between Business and Enterprise Plan?

You can extend your Business Plan with additional user, storage etc. Please contact us.

Is any test environment included in my Plan?

No, you can get additional environment as an extra service. Please contact us.

How can I pay?

You can pay by wire transfer. Credit and debit card payment will be available soon.

How can I find a copy of the invoices?

You can find all your invoices in the profile page my invoices section.

What support do I get with each plan?

Free plan: community support

Business plan: access to ticketing system

Enterprise: custom

Can I have direct support from Sense/Net?

Yes, we can provide direct support in the form of consultation hours. Please contact us.

How many subscription (repository) can I have?

There is no such limitation. You can have as many repositories as you need.

How many Free Plan can I have?

You can only have one free repository at a time.