Seamless content publishing

Writing and publishing content becomes as easy as typing, formatting, and clicking submit. You can work seamlessly, no longer having to ping developers to implement the changes. Use your own interfaces to create entire digital brands while sensenet does all the work from the background.


sensenet is easily one of the best platforms when it comes to features that can facilitate and accelerate your work. Keep all your digital content in a single hub that is shared with all your fellow collaborators, then make edits on the fly together through real-time online editing.

The ultimate marketing tool

The variability sensenet possesses makes it a versatile headless CMS for integrating other tools and extensions into the platform. If you use an arsenal of marketing apps in your job, sensenet is the right choice for you. Working on a new article? Create a draft version, test and review it, then publish when approved. Planning to gather feedback on your most recent product? Create and use tailormade, dynamic forms with all the customization you need!

snaas architecture

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