What is

Being an open source ECM, it allows IT teams to build custom ECM or document management solution super efficiently. The powerful engine was benchmarked with 100 millon documents. All content is indexed for fast search, high level of security allows fine tuned access control and monitoring, and evertyting is accesible through the flexible REST API that developers love.

Use sensenet ECM as your development platform to deliver web based business applications easier and faster. The platform is highly modularized and ready to build your business apps as you wish.

Sensenet is simple, open and robust

We are open and modular! We want you to be able to use any modern frontend technology you have in mind, so we created a powerful client API for it. sensenet, in addition, is open source. Please join our community and contribute, create extensions, tell your thoughts. Many of our components are replaceable so you can use your favorite tool. The core of sensenet is a robust content repository (headless CMS). It can handle millions of document while letting users collaborate.



Simple - build as you like

For developers we have extended familiar techniques of ASP.NET. Check our document library and build your first project today.


Open - open standards

sensenet is open source and we use open standards. Our development practice is transparent.


Robust - High Availability

sensenet is designed for enterprise environments with high availability and easy scalability.

Has low cost 

Low Cost - subscriptions

Compared to other canned proprietary ECM the initial investment of a Sensenet ECM system is minimal.


Versioning & Approval 


Sensenet has a built in versioning and approval system, which meets enterprise environment requirements. Here are the details.

Skin System 


Sensenet provides a flexible and extendable skin system for customizing content appearance. Interested in details? Click here.

Document Preview 


Managing Office documents is a popular feature in every ECM system. Sensenet comes with built-in Document Viewer that lets you publish restricted or full preview without giving access to the original file. Wiki provides you more details.



The security system, integrated in the foundation of sensenet makes permission management easy and familiar. Learn more about the permission API here.



Sensenet user interfaces can be localized and thus portal builders can provide ECM solutions for their customers with content and pages in different languages.

Dynamic Content Type 


Our extendable content type structure lets you create new types on the fly. This does not only mean new metadata: we even generate forms and other user interfaces automatically! Read our blogpost about it here.

Mobile App 


We offer you a mobile app stub to start your own mobile app development. The app itself can connect to any sensenet content repository and implements several important content management features.



In sensenet, Workspaces are sections of the site where employees, partners and vendors can work together on documents, tasks or events. You want to share and manage documents and memos. You want to assign tasks. You need a group calendar, or automated workflows that help you manage automated processes. You need Workspaces.


Security Component 


A powerful and fast .Net component for managing permission entries in content repositories. The permission layer of sensenet ECM is built on top of this library, it provides robust and scalable permission features in large projects. Click here for details.

Document Viewer 


A client-side plugin for displaying preview images generated by a background service used by sensenet ECM and can be integrated to any 3rd party project as well. Click to find more info.

Content Repository 


The storage layer of sensenet ECM stores individual blocks of data. The Content Repository provides a unified service layer to manipulate content. More details are here.

Task Management 


A standalone .Net component for managing and monitoring long-running background tasks in any application. Check it for more info.


  • 2018Q2
    • Messaging and Cache in the cloud
    • Finalize cloud compatibility epic
    • sensenet ECM UX research and design
    • DMS v2.0
    • Admin GUI v0.1
    • Dynamic content type editing in SN7
    • Standalone DocViewer
    • Office Web Apps Server integration
  • 2018Q1
    • Preview, AD sync, Blob provider components are released on github
    • IR decoupling
    • Scoped npm packages
    • DMS MVP v1.0
    • Lucene Search Service in the cloud
    • More tests, more code coverage
    • More training materials and tutorials
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