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TransPerfect is a global family of companies that provides language and technology solutions that power global business. One of their cutting edge software products is a virtual data room solution called TransCEND, supporting large scale mergers and acquisitions. As both the general demand for such a service and the number of documents involved in the individual M&A processes grew, they needed to place their service on a robust and scalable platform. Sense/Net was able to deliver just that.


In the 21st century, document disclosure during a merger and acquisition process does not happen in a physical data room anymore, but this does not mean that the number of documents to review has decreased. The new age calls for a virtual data room solution, where the parties can share their documents complying with the same security measures as before. TransPerfects’s Deal Interactive is a steady player on the virtual data room market. With their continuously growing customer base, they were looking for a new platform that would make it easier for the company to maintain the stability in their offering. 

Scalability was a must as having to install multiple instances of the application proved to be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Robustness on the other hand is just as important provided there is an ever growing workload and amount of data deriving from the increasing number of digitalized documents (an individual customer may have up to a million documents to store in the system). Thirdly, there is the always actual fact, that client requirements are a moving target. As new needs emerge, TransPerfect needs to make sure the platform is flexible enough to be tailored to the clients’ liking. 

The company approached Sense/Net well knowing what they wanted: a scalable, robust and sophisticated platform that has the ability to handle all this data, by only having to install once, all managed on a central administration interface. Furthermore, overall extensibility is imperative in order to to avoid pitfalls and to ensure that TransCEND (the successor of Deal Interactive) remains in the race.

The TransCEND team created a cutting edge architecture, picked the right technologies and 3rd party libraries and tools, purchasing licenses for those tools to help Sense/Net team customize Sense/Net platform to scale to TransCEND’s VDR requirements.  Sense/Net team crafted a cutting edge implementation meeting all the existing and future expectations demanded by TransCEND. By basing TransCEND on the Sense/Net ECM platform, we ensured scalability, robustness and extensibility for the following years. Thanks to the extreme customizability of the user interface and the ability of it to communicate with our OData REST API, we created a state of the art visual experience for everyone using the data room on virtually any device.

Under the hood, we implemented a complex logic by combining the built-in and custom permissions to ensure the appropriate people get access to the information they need, but no one else. Combining this with the document preview module, we created a fully functional document viewer working in the browser, allowing users to add redactions, watermarks and other anti-fraud measures to secure documents. 

All of this has encouraged TransPerfect to form a long-term strategic alliance with Sense/Net warranting their new versions to meet all demands of the 21st century.


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