• Support Services

    Support Services

    Be confident when you use sensenet

    Choose our support service to have more confidence in operating sensenet. 

    We know that a custom project can include suprises without a vendor support. We don't want you to feel alone! That's why we have a support service that includes consultancy hours where our professional team can talk to your developers and give them best practices and help you in deploying your project more quickly.

    Sense/Net Inc can host your project and give you guaranteed SLAs through a support contract.

    Using sensenet you are part of our valuable community where we help each other in many ways.

  • Business solutions

    Business solutions

    Tailored for the professional needs of our clients

    If our customers don't have enough resources to manage the deployment of a project, Sense/Net Inc's professional team is able to deliver the complete design and implementation of a sensenet solution. Our business solution service includes: 

    • Technical advisement and training sessions
    • IA design advice
    • Unique feature implementation
    • Support, daily operation


    Sense/Net Inc supports our valuable partners with different levels of services enabling them to deliver successful custom projects for their clients.