• Business solutions

    Business solutions

    Tailored for the professional needs of our clients

    If our customers don't have enough resources to manage the deployment of a project, Sense/Net Inc's professional team is able to deliver the complete design and implementation of a sensenet ECM solution. Our business solution service includes: 

    • Technical advisement and training sessions
    • IA design advice
    • Unique feature implementation
    • Support, daily operation


    Sense/Net Inc supports our valuable partners with different levels of services enabling them to deliver successful custom projects for their clients.

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Be confident when you use sensenet ECM

    Choose our support service to have more confidence in operating sensenet ECM. 

    We know that a custom project can include suprises without a vendor support. We don't want you to feel alone! That's why we have a support service that includes consultancy hours where our professional team can talk to your developers and give them best practices and help you in deploying your project more quickly.

    Sense/Net Inc can host your project and give you guaranteed SLAs through a support contract.

    Using sensenet ECM you are part of our valuable community where we help each other in many ways.

  • Trainings


    Get certified and get the most out of sensenet ECM

    Sense/Net Inc. offers a 5-day official training program where you (or a team) can learn about the product. During these 5 days you will be able to understand the components and the inner workings of the product. The training contains hands-on exercises to make sure you can use the knowledge you learn. The training is also a good way to get to know each other in an informal way and also to give you some tricks and tips on how to work with sensenet ECM every day.

    Structure of the training:

    • Understand the content philosophy within sensenet ECM
    • The complete functionality of content repository
    • Deep dive into content presentation
    • The black belt user management and permission system
    • Define content types - different types for different needs
    • Templates and skins - create your own style
    • Create your workspaces for better collaboration
    • Daily operation of sensenet ECM platform
    • Learn the development skills you need for customization of sensenet ECM platform


    Are you ready for the training?