Technical limitations

This Fair Use Policy forms an integral part of the Agreement (GTC) between you and Sense/Net Zrt., as applicable, that governs your use of sensenet software and services. By accepting General Terms of Use you also agree with the terms written in Fair Use Policy and technical limitations (this document) do not use any sensenet software and services.

We define technical limits to ensure the shared-service infrastructure functions without interruptions.

Only use sensenet software and services if you agree the limits below. Technical limits are cumulative and can be reset only when an organization’s users delete individual items. If your service usage exceeds the limits below, we reserve the right to take corrective action, including but not limited to the throttling of the service API, temporary suspending or (when other options are unavailable) terminating your account.


technical limitations table

Technical limits

technical limitaitons table


  • Login to the admin ui
  • Requests to the repository


  • Built-in content types cannot be modified (read only), the user is forced to create custom inherited types, but he can browse the built-in ctds’ fields
  • Only 20 non-technical built-in ctds are shown for SNaaS admins


  • BuiltIn domain and its users and groups are completely hidden for SNaaS users
  • Only public domain is available for them to manage users
  • Three public groups will be in the repositories (administrators, developers, editors)
  • The user who requested the repository (repository owner) is automatically added to the Administrators group
  • The public Administrators groups cannot be deleted
  • There should be at least one user in the public Administrators groups, so the last user cannot be deleted.