Let's try sensenet ECM!

Download Community Edition from Github

Start with our Community Edition and get familiar with sensenet ECM. Let's maintain a close relationship through open discussions and sharing knowledge at the best way. sensenet ECM is the only .Net based open source product in that field.

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Get your own sandbox

Try our sensenet ECM Enterprise Edition in your own way. Request a sandbox and we will set up a separated sensenet environment where you can play and test your use cases. The sandbox is available for 30 days by default. It takes a while to set up this environment, usually 24 hours.

Try the public demo page

Try our sensenet ECM Enterprise Edition immediately. Our public demo environment is available day and night. See the power of sensenet ECM in a minute. The demo environment is being re-build every midnight. If you need a quick impression of sensenet ECM choose this option.

Access to public demo