'25000 content' demo

The "25000 content" demo and test repository demonstrates a business setup of sensenet for a project with a bunch of example content to try out its capabilities. It provides a good insight into the content structure of a medium size project giving the opportunity to verify the functionality with making a proof of concept trying out the API and the admin surface. This environment is based on a daily build which means all the built-in demo content are reimported, the configurations are restored, and the customer-created stuff are removed every day.

This demo was created to demonstrate a mid-size project that is made for support company inhouse collaboration. The repository contains 320 workspaces representing possible company organizations units or projects with various lists and libraries and a bunch of files, tasks, calendar events and memos. With this selection of content, you can try out what sensenet can offer you to support your business processes and building community within the company in the same time.

We’ve made another repository for demonstrating a special kind of project need. The “1000 content” demo can cover the needs of a small document-sharing project with its nearly 800 documents. For further information visit the "1000 content" demo page here.

This demo setup provides a large array of various types of content from demo users and groups till news and blog post containers, task-, memo- and document libraries. Content of the demo repository:

25 demo users are added for testing not only the possible user tasks and jobs but the connections between various roles and group memberships. Members of the Administrators groups has full access, members of the developers group have control only over the content types, the settings and can see the version info and the members of the Editors groups are only content editors who can manage the non-system content items, build or save custom search queries.

Each of the built-in groups contain one user: Business Cat is an admin user with full access, Developer Dog is developer user who has control only over the content types, the settings and can see the version info and Editor Manatee is a content editor who can manage the non-system content items, build or save custom search queries. The other 22 users are generated with the Random User Generator, they are outside the built-in groups but can be added freely as member of any of the built-in or custom groups.

  • 3 local groups per workspace to demonstrate permission and role management inside workspaces.
  • 320 workspaces
    • 1 document library per workspace with 18 various demo files.
    • A folder called News containing 10 articles.
    • A blog folder with 10 posts.
    • 1 memolist per workspace with 10 example memos in each of them.
    • 1 tasklist per workspace with 10 tasks
    • 1 calendar per workspace with 10 calendar events in each of them

The document libraries mainly contain Microsoft Office word, excel and PowerPoint files, pdf's and some simple text files. They're not only showing variety of types but also are written in different languages, so you're able to check out search capabilities with special characters and symbols as well.

Document preview generation is switched on in this repository and as it is configured in the built-in setting, two preview images will be generated in one round. The first two pages of the demo files are automatically generated when the repository is created.

Number of content: There're 16320 content items excluding and 28480 including system content in the top-level container named Content (/Root/Content). In the first case System Folders (e.g. local groups) and Preview images don't count. There’re 5 760 files with 19 840 preview images (the preview images are generated only for the first two page of the documents by default)

Size of the dB: This demo environment gives us an insight into the possible storage needs of a repository as well:

It’s worth mentioning that 1000 content demo repository is much more document heavy than this one and all of these documents are indexed (for search) therefore db size is also bigger.

Whole database

Db size [ALLOCATED] 20 880 MB (19 080 Mb db + 1 800 Mb log)
Db size [USED] 6 703 MB
Files table 4 124 MB
Versions table 1 983 MB

In the Content subtree (size, binary + indexdoc)

All 5 270 MB
Docs 1 789 MB
Preview images 3 481 MB


Please contact us to try out sensenet as a service as an early adopter!