admin ui basics



sensenet has an admin ui to manage repos and do basic content management actions. In the following you can read about the different features of the admin surface.


You can login to the admin ui ( with multiple users who has different permission roles.



  username password
admin businesscat businesscat
developer devdog devdog
editor editormanatee editormanatee



On the login screen you also need to type the repo URL to which you want to connect (in this case

pro tip: you can connect to multiple repo at the same time on the admin ui by selecting “Another repository” option from the dropdown menu located in the top left corner.




Once logged in you can see the admin ui in its whole beauty with different actions in the left pane menu. These options (by default) are the following:




search: execute custom searches, build and save queries 

content: explore and manage your content in the repository

users and groups: manage users and groups, roles and identities

content types: manage content types (more about content types)

localization: manage string resources

setup: configure the sensenet system (more about setup)

version info: detailed version information about the current sensenet installation

edit personal settings: customize the application behaviour (more)

log out: log out from current repo and get back to login screen
(login status for other repos are not affected)

pro tip: menu items can be customized in personal settings.


in the content pane you can browse the content repo and execute basic document management actions (open, edit properties, copy, move, delete). You can find these actions by clicking the three-dot menu on a content row.

Please note that different content types has different actions.




thanks to office online editing, some documents (like word and excel files) can be opened and edited without any desktop app involved.



sensenet has a built-in preview generator which allow users to open pdf, docx, txt and other files in ready only mode.
Clicking open on a supported file will bring up the already generated preview images of the content in question.



Add new

By clicking plus button in the bottom right corner you can add content to repo either by uploading or creating.

pro tip: allowed types under a specific content can be set by modifying allowed child type property of the content.


Command palette

Command palette is a query feature with extended functionality to make life easier for the user.
Learn more about advanced functionalities.




Personal settings

in personal settings you can customize the admin surface

  • content views
  • events and logging
  • language
  • display additional menu items
  • switch between light/dark theme

pro tip: you can bring up intellisense with ctrl+space shortcut to get context based suggestions.
Learn more about personal settings in admin ui