Overview of SNaaS

sensenet is a content services platform (CSP) mainly for developers and development companies. It is a headless content management system (CMS) with enterprise grade security and permission system, versioning, dynamic content types and even more. 

What can you do with it? 

You can create, store, edit, organize and publish any type of content. 

In sensenet everything is content. Documents, tasks, users, projects, even system configuration files – everything – are stored and managed in the content repository. It is the foundation that makes content management easy and powerful at the same time. All content items are organized in a content tree, so you can always think in subtrees and inheritance when managing and presenting content. 

In practice this means that sensenet gives you everything you need to build a content based custom solution satisfying a wide variety of business needs. 

How can you do it? 

You have the freedom to choose the database, framework, technology and programming language you prefer to build your solution, at all level of the application development, whether your project is a web, desktop or mobile development. 

It is possible to install sensenet in your own environment or with SNaaS (sensenet as a service) you can get access to a sensenet instance, this means all your content and data are stored securely by us saving you from all maintenance related tasks and installation, ensuring easy onboarding, updates and patches. 

How does SNaaS work? 

SNaaS overview

A basic setup of sensenet as a service has three top level parts:  

  • a content repository that is the storage and service layer  
  • an application that uses the content of the connected content repository through API calls 
  • sensenet admin surface that helps you do common content management tasks or setup and keep your system up to date 


You can start exploring the capabilities of sensenet immediately. Please contact us to try out sensenet as a service as an early adopter! 

Are you a freshly registered content repository owner? Let us help you exploring the new home of your content with this tutorial. 

If you have not decided to register yet, you should definitely check out our demo repository, filled with various demo content or contact our experts and request a demo to see how sensenet can fit your needs.