What is content as a service?

One piece of content, many methods of delivery

There is no significant difference between CaaS and content infrastructure when we are talking about delivery of a content through API calls.

Traditional CMS platforms give an out-of-the-box solution for both content handling and displaying content on the ui. On the other hand, CaaS only provides a refined backend focused on content handling.

With content-as-a-service (CaaS), CMS is a content provider, it is only used to manage and deliver content, no care about the presentation. The back-end and the front-end are separated. While it might seem that CaaS does less than traditional CMS, it actually simplifies the management of content and gives more flexibility. Since CaaS is a sub-group of SaaS all the contents are stored on vendor’s cloud infrastructure saving operation and hosting resources.

It can be a good solution, but of course it doesn’t fit for all situations. You can profit its advantages the best in these use cases:

  • In case you need custom ux
  • To create rich web apps
  • Mobile content management
  • Integrating with existing software
  • Multichannel publishing