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To get started with admin ui, check this documentation.

Just like with a dedicated sensenet instance, with this demo you can create, store, edit, organize and publish any type of content.

This repository demonstrates the basic setup of sensenet with a demo content set to try out its capabilities. It gives a good insight into the content structure of a common project giving the opportunity to verify the functionality with making a proof of concept trying out the API and admin surface.

important: this environment is based on a daily build, which means all the built-in demo contents are reimported, the configurations are restored, and the customer created stuff are removed every day.

If you want to get your own repo, request a dedicated one here.

What is sensenet as a service (SNaaS)

It's a headless cms where your repository lives on our infrastructure.


  • we store all your content and data
  • we take care of maintenance-related tasks and installation
  • easy onboarding, updates, and patches

Example apps

Check some example apps to see how you can work with sensenet. With these apps you can understand the basics which will help you create your own solution.

Other resources

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