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Everything is content

Content is the basic block of information storage in sensenet. Content can be any kind of data, user, document, workspace, memo, task, and more! Using content items everywhere unleashes a potential that makes your experience more seamless, and your job a lot easier. 

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Unlimited management

The administrative surface provides a handful of tools to manage content. Use predefined content types or create custom ones based on your needs. You can copy, move, delete, rename, upload, and download. If you need anything else to manage your content, sensenet will give you the means to do it thanks to its powerful API.

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Privacy & Security

A private repository detached from all the others where you can grow your company’s content tree in maximum security. The permission system enables you to manage who can access your contents. 


How sensenet works?

how sensenet works


sensenet offers you a rich API allowing you to manage, integrate and deliver content. Use your favorite tech stack and turn sensenet into your and your team’s personal workshop. Build all sorts of new content, apps, solutions, and more for your clients or internal use.

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Use the variety of content types and the many options to manage content and create your own preferred process for your daily work. Unleash the full scope of features to improve all phases of marketing projects - from content planning, through collaboration to deployment – and experience a robust content management system that will make your job a breeze!

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With sensenet as a service (SNaaS), you can utilize all the features of a flexible, secure, and nearly limitless headless CMS without spending resources on updates and maintenance. Enjoy all the benefits of sensenet without the extra work! Contact us with your specific needs and goals, and we will offer you a tailormade solution that works best for you.

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Business leaders

Save resources for your business, while implementing your unique business logic. The amount of content you can store and organize across multiple projects, teams, and departments is nearly unlimited. At the same time, each content repository is detached from all others in sensenet, ensuring the protection of your content through heightened security.

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Connect sensenet to the client-side technology of your choice.

Choose from available integrations or build your own!

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