Licensing the Sense/Net Content Services Platform

Learn more about the Free Open Source, Commercial and OEM licensing of our platform and the services available to licensing partners.

Open source, Enterprise and OEM licensing

Sense/Ner offers dual licensing options for our CSP platform. As we own the full copyright to the source code, we can provide flexible licensing models.

Free, Open Source Licensing with GPL

The GNU General Public License (GPL) is a free software license, ensuring software remains freely accessible. Users can run, study, modify, and distribute the software. If redistributed, whether modified or not, the GPL requires the same rights be preserved by applying the GPL to the derivative work. It prevents proprietary adaptations of the software, ensuring perpetual openness.

Originally drafted by Richard Stallman for the GNU Project, the GPL confronts traditional copyright with "copyleft", mandating that derivative works also remain open source. It’s vital for businesses to understand GPL stipulations before incorporating GPL-licensed software into proprietary products.

Incorporating GPL software into your software essentially means that your software becomes "infected" by the GPL. You must make the source code of your software available to anyone who receives the binary or executable version. Your software must also be licensed under the GPL. This ensures that any further derivative works are also open source. You can't impose any additional restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted under the GPL. You must keep intact all copyright notices and disclaimers of warranty, and provide proper attribution. While you can sell your software, you cannot restrict the recipients from freely sharing or modifying it.

Simply put, if you incorporate GPL software into your software, your software becomes open source and must be distributed under the same GPL terms.


Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise licensing for Sense/Net CSP allows you to either purchase the software with an annual license and run it yourself, or rent it through our Cloud Services o􀃤ering, hosted and opearted by Sense/Net. Commercial licensing brings an array of premium benefits, such as limited guarantees, legal protection, consistent software updates like bug fixes, technical support and emergency assistance. Moreover, licensees have the option to purchase additional services, such as consultig or development.

OEM Licensing


OEM licensing of a CSP software, like Sense/Net SCP, o􀃤ers a specialized pathway for software and hardware companies that intend to seamlessly integrate our product into their own o􀃤erings.

This kind of licensing essentially permits the embedding of our software code into another hardware or software solution, or in services such as Software as a Service platforms or other online offerings.

The real advantage of an OEM license is its adaptability; agreements are customdesigned to align with the particular industry of the licensee and their chosen distribution methodology.

Moreover, when it comes to the financial aspect, the pricing structure is flexible, allowing for options like a one-time fee, recurring annual payments, commissionbased arrangements, or even a hybrid of these models, ensuring a fit for diverse business models.

All the advantages of Enterprise licensing are also available to OEM partners.

Additional services offered to Enterprise and OEM partners

Anything that can be outsourced saves time and allows you to focus on your business. From answering support tickets to completing entire projects, we are here to help your team. The following services ara available to Enterprise and OEM partners.

Operation related services offered to Enterprise and OEM partners

Operate your Sense/Net CSP based solution in our public cloud servers or in a totally separated private cloud built specificall for your needs. For utmost privacy, we can install the system on your premises. In all cases, we provide consulting, design, and operation services.

Enterprise Licensing References

For over a quarter-century, clients have confidently relied on our Content Services Platform. Here’s a curated list of commercial licensors.

Keler EOC Kaplan MVM MKK Pro m Dennemeyer MBN FHB TV2 Fővárosi Gázművek tigáz Budapest Minisztérium British American Tobacco Viasat 3

OEM Licensing References

OEM partners have been providing services and software products to customers areound the globe for years, by incorporating Sense/Net CSP into their offering. Here’s a list of our currently active OEM partners.

Vertech Rorentreprenoren TransCEND Appvizio

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