Master the art of digital-agile transformation

Learn agile from experts who have been agile before it was cool. Sense/Net Agile Academy offers instructor-led courses, workshops, and custom programs to support your journey to agility.

Boost your business with authentic agility

Only human-centered, customer-value-focused and change-aware businesses stand a chance in the digital era. We teach the mindset, theories, disciplines, principles, methods, and tools you can use to create winning digital solutions.

We help your employees master the Agile Mindset

Agile is about mindset, not processes or tools. Therefore, a mindset transformation is needed for agile to really work. We help you understand and internalize the elements of the Agile Mindset with interactive workshops, games, and coaching.

Drawing of a brain with icons representing parts of the agile mindset: tranparency, complexity, empiricism, scope management, ethics, timeboxing, agile manifesto and principles, agile values.

Achieve increased motivation and better bottom line with agile

By transforming work to suit the psychological needs of your employees, you can achieve higher motivation and engagement. By learning to apply the four basic principles of agility to your organization, you can achieve results that positively affect more than your bottom line.

Agile Manifesto of Sense/Net
We preferInstead of
We give freedom to employeesInstead of putting rules and power first
Measure what really matters to your businessInstead of trying to predict the market
Focus on customer valueInstead of focusing on taking their money only
We welcome and harness changeInstead of worshipping plans and bending reality

Learn how to build high-performing agile teams that deliver real results

Have you seen exhausted managers firefighting constantly instead of delivering innovation and real value? Transform your leadeship style to a coaching based one and enjoy the outstanding results delivered by high performing agile teams that actually enjoy working.

Drawing of tree with roots of the agile values and branches of agile team attributes, bearing fruits of team success.

Achieve lasting impact by training your staff and executives

We train executives and value-delivering teams, even outside the IT domain. We use practical exercises, real-life examples, and humor to make sure what we teach is remembered.

Are you ready for the digital challenge?

Assessing your culture, processes, and IT architecture allows you to find places to improve your digitalization effort and get ahead of your competition.

Win the digitalization game by transforming now

Follow our roadmap and change your organization to a digital-agile one. Transformation programs are highly customized to the needs of the organization at hand, but we follow a framework and a roadmap for consistency.

Aggile Trasformation flowchart

Based on an open-source framework

Digital Readiness Framework is a practical business architecture framework for enhanced strategic alignment, agility, and motivation in the digital era. It was written and published by our senior agile expert and co-founder. The business architecture of Sense/Net is also based on this framework.

Achieve great product-market fit

Happy learning makes people remember

We prefer teaching by doing, so training events and workshops rely on games, team discussions, simulations, and fun to ensure participants remember and are ready to use their skills in real-life scenarios immediately.

Photo montage about fun moments from agile training events, people playing games, engaging in fun activities

Our experts have an impact

We have a passion for learning and sharing what we know. As a result of our work, many people have found meaning in the digital-agile world.

More than classroom knowledge

Our training materials we use incorporate 25+ years of real-life IT and consulting experience. We mix and match the best international industry practices and make them our own, delivering far more than simple classroom knowledge available in books or traditional courses.

Photo montage of different agile training materials, diagrams and sample documents

Meet our senior agile expert

Tom is fascinated by how things work and how to design them so they become better. After architecting machines and digital products, his fascination shifted to teams and organizations. He likes to work with executives and challenge his clients to create strategic alignment in their organizations along with the underlying agile and IT framework.

Biro Tamas

Thomas Biro

chairman of the board,

co-founder of Sense/Net and Barion

business architect and agile transformation expert

author of Digital Readiness Framework

and Sense/Net Agile Process

Thomas Biro - LinkedId

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