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Ready for the next 25 years

Celebrating our 25th birthday, Norbert and Tom have been driving changes in Sense/Net. Building on the heritage of agility and the accumulated know-how of a quarter of a century, the company’s business architecture was revitalized. As a result, we have a new vision, values-based culture, even more agility, and fresh service offerings. All this is combined with a contemporary management style and authentic lean-agile methods. See where we come from and learn where we’re headed.

Ready for the next 25 years
Norbert Vörös director Norbert Voros - LinkedId
Thomas Biro chairman, agile expert Thomas Biro - LinkedId

We were agile before it was cool

Having started their career with C=64s as kids in the 80s, a computer hacker’s agility runs in our founders’ veins. We have been using agile methodologies since 1999, first MSF, and later switching to Scrum. Agile has been taught and used in the company for more than two decades, so it is more of a lifestyle for us than a set of rules and ceremonies.

Commodore Microsoft Scrum

Know-how accumulated from solving unprecedented challenges

Every IT project is a challenge, but some pose unparalleled difficulties. These are the ones we love the most. In our 25+ years of history, we met several such challenges. As pioneers of Internet technology, we are best at solving problems no one has ever solved.

Led by owners with a track record and common purpose

Our leaders have experience from the trenches as programmers and project managers, which is helpful in successfully motivating IT professionals. They also believe in the importance of an ownership mindset and loyalty. Tom and Norbert are responsible for the strategy and execution, respectively.

Biro Tom

Thomas Biro



agile expert

Thomas Biro - LinkedId

I've been fascinated by autonomously working machines from a very early age, so programming was an obvious choice both as a hobby and a profession. I learned the basics on C=64 and Enterprise 128 all by myself, from books and fellow nerdy friends. By the age of 12, we coded in assembly. Growing up, I became an Integrated Engineer, a mix of electrical and mechanical engineering augmented by different management disciplines, including organizational psychology. After founding Sense/Net and becoming the CTO, I drifted from coding to managing projects, later marketing, sales, and pr. At the same time, my fascination has shifted from machines to people, namely, to motivating people to work together and create great solutions. I mastered the art of agile thinking and Scrum, becoming a trainer and coach. After helping our fintech spin-off, Barion achieve rapid growth, I became a freelance Business Architect. My purpose is to enable people to find meaning in the digital era. Today, I help build lean-agile-digital organizations with my open-source framework and re-joined Sense/Net as a director and agile expert. Agile for me is not a buzzword, but a lifestyle. As chairman of Sense/Net, I aim to build a thriving agile IT community and serve companies and people with great software. In my free time, I enjoy listening to rock music, practicing partner dances, cooking, and obviously, Life Long Learning.

Norbert Voros

Norbert Vörös


ESOP owner

agile expert

Norbert Voros - LinkedId

As a kid, I was always interested in computers, in smartphones of the time, anything where software and hardware were combined in one product. Even as a teenager I knew that it was more than a hobby for me, so slowly the fun was replaced by curiosity; I wanted to know what happened when I pressed a key or touched a screen. Having had the opportunity to work on the professional side for years on testing and development of software, my attention turned to how to make development faster and more productive; how to create value the fastest with the least amount of energy. I was introduced to Agile methodologies, then worked as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and later as an Operations Manager. I approach every challenge with humility and curiosity . It motivates me when I can do something today that I wasn’t able to do yesterday. Now I'm not only interested in gadgets, I also like to understand people. I find it fascinating how we are all different, how with our different life experiences we are able to approach the same thing in completely different ways. I am constantly hungry to learn about human behavior, digital products, market economics, and how the world works. I want to share this knowledge with others, while learning from our great colleagues as well, who all have great expertise. I want to build a company where this wealth of experience and value-based focus is concentrated so our customers can be as satisfied using our products as we are passionate about creating them.

We are purpose-driven and have an audacious vision

As we navigate business, the North Star is our purpose, the Lighthouse we follow is our vision, and our Map and Compass are our mission. The purpose is the reason we exist - beyond money. The vision is a shared picture of mission success, and the mission is the master plan for creating value for you.

Maintaining a values-based culture

Our core values are a set of principles or beliefs that our organization views as central importance and are never to be given up. We work with people based on how well they match our core values, and we make no compromises. And neither should you. That’s why we publish them.

Agile is a way to motivate our employees

Lean and Agile are not a methodology for us. It is instead a view of the world, a mindset. For example, using computers is all about efficiency, not doing what machines can do better. Similarly, we hate wasted human effort, so we have learned to provide solutions with the least possible effort while maintaining quality. For this, we need motivated employees.

Agile Manifesto of Sense/Net
We preferInstead of
We give freedom to employeesInstead of putting rules and power first
Measure what really matters to your businessInstead of trying to predict the market
Focus on customer valueInstead of focusing on taking their money only
We welcome and harness changeInstead of worshipping plans and bending reality

High-performing teams through self-management

We believe that great results can only be achieved by strong, empowered, self-managing teams. There is no need for bosses or commanders. Instead, we have leaders who encourage teams to set objectives for themselves and help them achieve those objectives. All of this is supported by agile values and lifelong learning.

Agile execution tree

Less stress and better results with our agile methodology called S.N.A.P.

The Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P. allows our teams to deliver digital solutions to what our customers really need and when they actually need them. It also reduces stress caused by deadlines.

Motivated by clear, actionable and measurable objectives

Instead of old-fashioned, finance-focused management tools, our teams set annual and quarterly objectives that motivate them to do great work. The OKR system connects long-term and short-term objectives and facilitates learning from mistakes or spotting emerging opportunities. This approach brings agility to managing the company.

Agile execution pyramid OKR

Being open in every sense

As an open company, we regard it as a fundamental corporate value that our employees and our partners are judged solely on the basis of their actions and their work performance, and without regard for their sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background, political convictions, physical abilities, or other characteristics.

We are open

It’s all about the team

We work with professionals who share our core values. We practice value-based hiring. Our cultural values, purpose, vision and mission statements are taken seriously. We continuously train and coach our employees.

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