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Custom software without the usual mess. Our S.N.A.P. agile methodology experts ensure your digital solution is delivered in high quality, on time, and on budget - with utmost flexibility.

Your business value is the primary measure of our success

Our agile teams build solutions that create value for your customers, employees, or partners. When you outsource custom software production to us, your objectives become our objectives. Thanks to the Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P. methodology, we deliver real results in short timeframes.
  1. Shorter time to market
  2. Increase in revenues
  3. Higher margins
  4. Customer satisfaction
  5. Increased customer loyalty
  1. Free word-of-mouth marketing
  2. Conquering new markets
  3. Better performance
  4. Decrease in fraud
  5. Improved brand images
  1. Increased job satisfaction
  2. Better employee retention
  3. Increase in work efficiency
  4. Higher quality decisions and output
  5. Better service to customers
  1. Improved collaboration
  2. Reduced cost of onboarding
  3. Efficient remote work
  4. Improved employer brand
  5. Lower cost of hiring
One System
  1. Streamlines supply chain
  2. Improved partner relations
  3. Higher quality of service
  4. Cost reduction
  5. Shorter supply chains
  1. Reduced cost of procurement
  2. Optimal demand and supply
  3. Satisfied distributors and resellers
  4. Increased reseller sale volumes
  5. Efficient reporting
  1. Less frustration for users
  2. Lower cost of operation
  3. Lower support load
  4. Increased data security
  5. Fewer bugs
  1. More time for innovation
  2. Higher ROI on IT investment
  3. Increased level of integration
  4. Ability to integrate legacy systems
  5. Improved reputation of IT

Change your requirements any-time

When you work with us, you can always change the requirements at any time. Thanks to our agile expertise and the S.N.A.P. methodology, we can accommodate changes efficiently, with little or no extra cost and only minor delays.
No bureaucratic paperwork or approval process

No bureaucratic paperwork or approval process

Make changes to the Product Backlog any time

Make changes to the Product Backlog at any time

No extra cost for changing work that has not started yet

No extra cost for changing work that has not started yet

Better control over your budget with agile methodologies

If you choose to work with an agile contract, you will have better control over your budget than with fixed scope and fixed price contracts. Our agile experts will train and coach your team to get the most out of outsourcing to an agile team.
Stop any time

Stop any time

If you think investing any more in a given product will not yield ROI, you have the option to stop with no extra cost.

Make changes

Make changes

Make changes at any time, even late in development. Our agile experts help you make the most of your investment.

Get value fast

Get value fast

Get a usable product as soon as possible to get feedback from your users. We can deliver the first version within one month most of the time.

Track progress

Track progress

Monitor progress from day to day and give feedback biweekly. We cooperate with your team to make changes based on your feedback.

Less bugfixing

Less bug fixing

Agile teams deliver high-quality software that requires less bug-fixing post-launch. Your users can test continuously, no need to wait till the end.

Product market fit and finding the best business model for your digital product are also part of our job

Our job is not only creating software but getting the product market fit and business model right, too. Our lean-agile experts can help your team employ the best lean-agile practices, such as the Lean Standup methodology, to reach your goals and financial targets.
One System II.

Outstanding requirements are indispensable to great software

Our Service Design experts can help your team create the best requirements for your software by running a 5-day long Design Sprint as part of the Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P. With five easy steps, any team can create great specifications tested with real users, ensuring your IT investment is spent on the best possible bet.
Map & Target

Map & Target

Understand who your users are and what are their needs and objectives. Then, establish a context, review your competition, and formulate a strategy.



Brainstorm and come up with multiple competing solutions. Then, discuss, sketch, and demo your solutions within the team.



Discuss and decide which one of the proposed competing solutions has the potential to be built and create a storyboard for that solution.



Build a quick and dirty prototype of the chosen solution and show it to some users in-house. Again, focus on usability rather than aesthetics.



Test your prototype with real users outside your organization, learn what works and what does not. Then, bring the feedback back to your team.

Develop applications in high quality with Scrum

The Scum framework provides the team with unmatched motivation and agility if applied well. The result is high quality in short time frames, with frequent feedback opportunities from the client. The Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P. builds on Scrum, among others.
Develop applications with Scrum

Your users and support staff will love the UX we design

A great user experience is a must for winning the hearts of users. It is a great marketing tool, boosting word-of-mouth marketing and corporate image. At the same time, it is a significant cost saver reducing frustration, mistakes, learning time, and support effort.
Your users and support staff will love

Avoid common pitfalls by analyzing non-functional requirements in time

Our agile experts help you explore all nonfunctional requirements upfront so that we can avoid unpleasant surprises during development and at or after launch. Our 25+ years of experience with the S.N.A.P. methodology has led to a list of categories of non-functional requirements we need to investigate before starting an IT project.





Fault Tolerance



Limited Bandwidth

Large Files














Disaster Recovery

Emotional Factors





Source Code

Networks Topology


Server Platform

Client Platforms



We get you high ROI by combining different agile frameworks and tools, creating digital solutions users love

Depending on the maturity of your digital product idea, we chase and combine the best-suited lean and agile frameworks and methodologies to bring you value as soon as possible.
We get you high ROI

You get a lower TCO with DEV/SEC/OPS

By combining development, operation, and security processes and teams, software quality, the service level of operation and security increases. We save significant time and money, thus decreasing the TCO of your solution.
You get a lower TCO

Keep crazy deadlines by agile scope management

Contrary to traditional project scope management, we fix resources, time, and quality in agile work and adjust project’s scope to fit the constraints. Moreover, by splitting requirements into small parts and relying on a microservice-based Content Services Platform, we can deliver significant value in extremely short timeframes.
Keep crazy deadlines by agile

Our co-founder helps you with agile know-how

Tom has trained over 2000 professionals in agile and Scrum and provides hands-on support to our teams and customers in agility and S.N.A.P. His 25 years of experience in agile scope management helps you hit deadlines and deliver quality software your users will love.
Biro Tamas

Thomas Biro

chairman of the board,

co-founder of Sense/Net and Barion

business architect and agile transformation expert

author of Digital Readiness Framework

and Sense/Net Agile Process

Thomas Biro - LinkedId

Launch successful digital solution in a S.N.A.P.

Our co-founder, Tom, has combined agile methodologies with our 25 years of content industry experience to form the Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P. Following this methodology makes sure we can live up to the promises made on this page and create great software in a snap.

Get support and maintenance after your solution has shipped

Our cooperation continues beyond the end of a software development project. Our agile support team is passionate about training and supporting your teams and solving issues as they arise.


We train your staff to use, support and operate our custom solutions. We offer a combination of live on-site or online and recorded video training. Naturally, user and installation manuals are also an option.

Tech support

We provide technical assistance via our online ticketing system to end users, tech support professionals, developers, and operators in monthly or annual contracts. We also develop extra functionality as part of support agreements.


Building security into a solution is essential, but providing solution security is also an ongoing endeavor. We assist in keeping your solution secure after launch. You can also outsource all or some of the responsibility by relying on our Managed Cloud.


We offer to fix bugs in our Content Services Platform for free through patches and hotfixes. In addition, in custom code, we fix bugs for free for a limited time that can be extended by purchasing an extended warranty as part of support agreements.

Black Friday or other peaks in traffic

Integrate legacy systems with REST API

Integrate other systems by transferring data between the given system and the content repository. The new application can be built directly on our Content Services Platform. In both cases, content is exposed through the Sense/Net API as Microservices, and an automatically generated GUI helps speed up development.
Integrate legacy systems

Save time and money by building on a proven platform

By building on our Content Services Platform or CSP, we can avoid reinventing the wheel and focus on your business problems. We have completed hundreds of projects on this platform, so we have unmatched proficiency and delivery speed.
One System-CSS

One System

Build integrated systems with our platform’s microservice architecture and open API and rely on services such as powerful search, permissions, and easy content modeling.

Everything is Content

Everything is Content

By modeling business entities as content, developers can rely on the built-in services of the platform that would otherwise take years to develop and test.

Focus on your business, outsource operation, maintenance, and support

Operate your Custom Software Solution in our cloud servers or a totally separated private cloud built specifically for your needs. For utmost privacy, we can install the system on your premises. In all cases, we provide consulting, design, and operation services.
Content Services Cloud

Content Services Cloud

Rent one instance of the Sense/Net Content Services Platform and manage your content immediately without upfront investment or hassle in our public cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Rent private virtual or physical servers or entire private cloud infrastructure for ultimate privacy and flexibility, hosted in one or both hosting facilities, totally separated from other clients.

Hybrid or On-premise Cloud

Hybrid or On-premise Cloud

Custom-designed private cloud hosted in our facilities, or on your premises, or in both as a hybrid cloud solution. Partial or complete remote operation is an option.

Operation outsourcing

Our support and operation team of seasoned system engineers operate your system, from the operating system to the custom software level. It’s your choice how much responsibility you outsource.

Work with a safe legal framework

We believe in transparency and cooperation. Your success is our success, and IT vendors should look for a win-win when contracting. A fair and safe agile contract shall protect both partners and act as a framework for successful development and dispute resolution.

Avoid vendor lock-in

The high quality of service results in loyal customers instead of binding them with unfair contracts. Our prices always include the solution’s source code, including graphic art, so you are free to carry on development at any time. Our CSP Platform is also open source. We have often helped our customers with migration, even when leaving us for another vendor.

Agile vs Fixed Scope Contract

Most customers believe that getting a fixed price quote is a sure way to reduce budget-related risks, such as overcharging. Unfortunately, most IT solution providers calculate the risk of scope management in their prices, leading to inflated fixed-price quotes. We recommend an agile approach to IT projects, including contracting. Like most customers, choosing an agile contract can save considerable time and money. With an agile agreement, you can change requirements at any time, control your budget better and have the option to rescind any time without penalty.

Gain trust with a pilot project

We understand that many customers see agile contracts as a risk and fear that controlling their budget may be challenging. Therefore, we are happy to complete an agile pilot project with a small budget to show you how agile contracts can save time and money and increase quality. We also provide the necessary agile training to your team, including your executives.

Trusted around the globe

Thanks to the S.N.A.P. methodology, millions of users enjoy our custom software solutions worldwide, benefiting companies of many sizes and industries.
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Brought to you by agile teams of seasoned content industry experts

Our digital solutions are built by digital natives who strive for excellence and are passionate about supporting digitalization. Customer happiness is no cliché for us. We have 25+ years of agile delivery experience from hundreds of projects with the S.N.A.P. methodology. Our culture is purpose and values-driven, and our strategy is managed in an agile way with OKRs.
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