How we hit the extreme deadline of BAT with Agile Scope Management

How we hit the extreme deadline of BAT with Agile Scope Management

In our almost three decades of history, I've had the privilege of working on numerous challenging projects in Sense/Net. Today, I want to share with you a remarkable case study that highlights the power of Agile Scope Management and its ability to deliver exceptional results, even with strict deadlines. Our team was entrusted with the task of creating a new website for British American Tobacco, and we rose to the challenge by introducing innovative solutions and delivering on our promises.

When British American Tobacco approached us for their new website, we were faced with a very strict deadline. It was clear that there was no room for delays, and the pressure was on. Initially, we were unaware of the reason behind this urgency, but we soon discovered that the company was about to introduce a major transformation in its supply chain. They needed a professional website to effectively communicate this monumental change to the Hungarian tobacco market.

”The art of cutting features from an agile backlog without losing business value lies in the practice of feature decomposition. By breaking down larger features into smaller, manageable items, teams can prioritize more effectively, respond to change, and ensure that every deliverable contributes to the overall business goals.”

To meet this demanding deadline, we proposed building the new website using version 2.1 of our CMS (now version 7 and a CSP). Our agile scope management approach became a key differentiator, as we emphasized the ability to keep the deadline fixed while making necessary adjustments to the scope, all this without losing any useful functionality of the solution. Additionally, we highlighted the transformative capabilities of our CMS, which would empower BAT's non-IT personnel to manage content effortlessly, around the clock, without relying on an IT team.

When we won the tender, we were surprised to learn that our price was actually the highest among all the service providers. However, British American Tobacco chose us because they trusted our ability to meet the deadline. They recognized that our team had the experience, dedication, and methodological know-how needed to deliver an IT solution on an extremely tight and unmovable deadline.

With the project underway, our team worked relentlessly to ensure every important feature was delivered on time, leveraging agile scope management methodologies and harnessing the power of our CMS to deliver a remarkable website for BAT. The streamlined development process, coupled with the intuitive interface of the CMS, allowed their non-IT professionals to manage and update content seamlessly. This newfound autonomy enabled BAT to adapt to its evolving business needs rapidly and respond to market changes with agility and efficiency.

The integration of our CMS was a game-changer for BAT, as it radically shortened development time and empowered their non-IT staff to take charge of content management tasks. By eliminating the dependency on an IT team, BAT’s communication professionals and executives gained the freedom to make real-time updates, ensuring their website stayed up-to-date and engaging for their target audience. This newfound capability transformed their operations, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and maximize their online presence.

The British American Tobacco website project serves as a compelling example of how agile scope management, combined with the power of a robust CMS, can drive remarkable success. By prioritizing fixed deadlines, adjusting scope when necessary, and harnessing the transformative capabilities of our CMS, we enabled BAT to deliver a professional website and empowered their non-IT professionals to manage content autonomously. This case study highlights the immense value of agility, efficiency, and empowerment that an integrated approach of agile scope management and CMS brings to organizations navigating critical transformations in the digital age.

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Thomas Biro

Co-founder of Sense/Net & Barion, author of Digital Readiness Framework. Tom graduated in engineering from Nottingham Trent University. Since the advent of the Internet, he has been involved in digitalization, initially focusing on the technical, and later on the human aspects. Tom is an M-shaped talent, with extensive knowledge in IT, entrepreneurship, and agile. He likes to promote provocative ideas. In his view, only free, critical, and scientific thinking will move humanity forward. He believes that the essence of agility is the agile mindset, which he puts great emphasis on teaching.

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