Pipeline Pioneers: Rørentreprenøren's Journey in Plumbing Excellence"

Pipeline Pioneers: Rørentreprenøren's Journey in Plumbing Excellence"

Discover how Transperfect revolutionized the virtual data room (VDR) experience for enterprises, overcoming critical challenges and delivering exceptional results. With a focus on scalability, security, and user-friendly features, the solution empowers businesses to streamline due diligence, enhance collaboration, and safeguard sensitive information.


Enterprises faced significant hurdles when it came to traditional VDR systems. The limitations of slow performance, scalability issues, and lack of advanced security features were impeding the seamless exchange of confidential documents during critical business transactions.


Transperfect responded to this challenge by introducing a cutting-edge VDR solution built on the Sense/Net CSP platform. The solution offered robust features, including rapid document import, secure multi-tenant data rooms, structured folder organization, customizable permissions, realtime document preview with annotation capabilities, and detailed document statistics.



  • Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined VDR solution accelerated due diligence processes, enabling faster deal completion and reducing time-to-market.
  • Superior Security: Advanced security measures, including custom permissions and redaction capabilities, ensured that confidential documents remained protected throughout the entire collaboration process.
  • Improved Collaboration: Users could collaborate seamlessly within the VDR, leveraging features such as document highlighting, commenting, and search result highlighting.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Detailed document statistics provided insights into user engagement, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Key features

Ssae 16 soc 2 certified hosting Annual audits and penetration tests Two factor authentication Multilingual user interface and support Information rights management Concurrent login restrictions On the fly redaction Dynamically watermarked pages Logout timer Fast and secure scanning of all documentation

Key Results

10 000 000 + uploaded documents
ZERO security incidents
99.89 % uptime

Sense/Net CSP features and Sense/Net services rendered

Taxonomy Automatic GUI Microservices API Odata Standard Content type definition Unlimited fields Folders Attachment fields Free text search Query Saved queries Smart folders Content type inheritance Built-in content types Document preview Office 365 Permissions Permission inheritance Deny permissions Custom permissions User management Security groups Provisioning Version control

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