Empowering education - Kaplan uses Sense/Net CSP to enhance efficiency and security

Empowering education - Kaplan uses Sense/Net CSP to enhance efficiency and security

As the CEO of Sense/Net, I am excited to share an inspiring case study that highlights the transformative power of our Content Services Platform (CSP) in the education sector. Today, I'll take you through our successful collaboration with Kaplan, Inc., an international educational services company renowned for its commitment to excellence. By leveraging Sense/Net CSP, Kaplan was able to optimize their document management processes, streamline translations, and enhance collaboration while prioritizing security and data privacy.

"At Sense/Net, we understand the paramount importance of data security and privacy. That's why our private cloud solution stands out, offering complete separation from other customers. With our dedicated infrastructure, Kaplan enjoys the peace of mind that their sensitive educational materials and valuable data are stored in a secure and isolated environment. This commitment to privacy and confidentiality reinforces our dedication to providing a trusted and reliable platform for organizations like Kaplan to safeguard their most critical assets."

Kaplan recognized the need to streamline their document management workflows, specifically in storing in-progress books, managing translations, and previewing ready-to-publish translated materials. Sense/Net CSP provided the ideal platform, empowering Kaplan to efficiently store, organize, and access their extensive library of educational resources. With robust features such as document management, intricate access control with Sense/Net CSP permissions, and a somewhat customized built-in GUI, Kaplan gained full control over their content while fostering collaboration among their teams.

One of the key advantages of Sense/Net CSP for Kaplan was its seamless integration with Microsoft Office. Leveraging the platform's built-in Office Online editing capabilities, Kaplan's team members were able to collaboratively edit and review documents in real-time, improving productivity and accelerating content development. Additionally, the Office document preview feature allowed stakeholders to quickly assess the content's readiness for publishing, ensuring a smooth and efficient publication process, even for users without Microsoft Office installed.

Sense/Net's dedication to meeting Kaplan's unique needs extended beyond out-of-the-box features. Our team worked closely with Kaplan to develop custom-built solutions and tailor the CSP to their specific requirements. By incorporating custom code and deploying the solution in a private cloud hosting environment, Kaplan ensured the utmost control, security, and reliability over their data. This personalized approach was paramount for Kaplan, as they prioritized data privacy and were hesitant to rely on large international cloud providers.

Sense/Net's robust permissions system plays a pivotal role in empowering organizations like Kaplan to have fine-grained control over their content and ensure data privacy. With our platform, Kaplan can define user roles, permissions, and access levels at a granular level, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel. This comprehensive permissions framework not only enhances security but also streamlines collaboration by allowing Kaplan to precisely manage who can view, edit, and publish content. By providing a flexible and scalable permission management system, Sense/Net enables Kaplan to maintain control over their educational resources while fostering seamless collaboration among their teams.

Throughout our collaboration, building trust and fostering a strong partnership with Kaplan was crucial. We understood their concerns about data security and privacy, and our private cloud solution proved to be the perfect fit for their needs. By demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering a tailored solution, Sense/Net earned Kaplan's confidence and became their trusted partner in achieving their content management objectives.

The Kaplan case study exemplifies the immense value that Sense/Net CSP brings to the education sector. By leveraging our platform's advanced document management, collaboration, and Office integration features, Kaplan successfully optimized their content processes, translations, and collaboration efforts. With a custom-built solution hosted in a private cloud environment, Kaplan prioritized data security and privacy, ensuring the utmost control and reliability. This partnership showcases Sense/Net's commitment to empowering organizations with tailored solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency in the ever-evolving education landscape.

Zoltán Marosvölgyi

Head of Support
senion dev/sec/ops
Zoltán Marosvölgyi

Zoltán is a seasoned dev/sec/ops engineer. As Head of Support in Sense/Net he is known for his dedication to rapid and effective problem-solving. With over 10+ years of development experience under his belt, he fearlessly tackles challenges head-on, approaching them with the tenacity of a lion. Zoltán thrives on "garage projects" and actively participates in community events, eager to contribute his expertise and engage with like-minded professionals. His passion for technology and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in delivering top-notch support services.

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